Nail Guide

*When ordering custom sets PLEASE email with your name, shape of nail, nail sizes of all 10 nails right and left hand (Thumb-Pinky) and inspiration picture or the name of a set you would like to have. Then you will receive a quote.*

How to Measure (for custom sets)

Measure horizontally the widest part of all 5 of your natural nails (Thumbs- Pinky)  using a tape measure. 

Full Sets & Size Kits

If you wish to skip the measuring step you can also order a full set of 20 nails, or a size kit of the nail length and style containing all 10 nail sizes to ensure your sizing is correct.

Extra Short Square

Short and Medium Square

Long Square

Short Oval

Short Coffin

Medium and Long Coffin

Short and Medium Stiletto

Extra Long Stiletto

Little Ladies (Kids)